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Management & Inspection

Management: Our experience with large and small projects allows us to provide unique, on site engineering services for our clients. Full-time or part-time, our team will ensure that your project develops smoothly and successfully.

Inspection: LEAD inspectors utilize effective inspection techniques for various types of construction while providing complete and accurate documentation.

To successfully provide construction engineering and inspection, workers must possess technical expertise and knowledge of relevant materials and procedures. Our team utilizes sound judgment, diplomacy and strong communication skills to offer a broad range of construction inspection and contractor quality control services for a variety of markets. We understand that competent and thorough inspection is one of the most important elements in achieving a quality construction outcome and we bring that high standard to every project we touch.


For years, the Executive Team at LEAD has navigated the maze of government regulations, policies, and stayed abreast of local ordinances for the benefit of our clients.

Our construction management and inspection services include:

  • Inspection and oversight of construction

  • Compliance for procedures and materials

  • Contractor activity documentation

  • Inspector’s daily report (IDR) preparation

  • Drawings and specifications interpretation

  • Complete records maintenance

  • Field testing and materials sampling

  • Assistance with change order review/completion

  • Punch list preparation and monitoring

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